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I went out for a walk and was thinking about what I could write about myself. There are so many things that you can talk about yourself, but it’s best if you don’t have to say a single word and that a friend or a colleague talks good about you. Of course, they can’t know everything and that’s the part that I will write about. The story about myself and why was born.

How it all started

When I was 12 years old, we had a class in school that’s called Informatica (IT). I had to go to the class as at that age you can’t decide which classes you like to take. I hopped in the class without knowing what kind of material we are going to talk about. I never used a computer before.

The falling letters

The school had prepared a test, to check the skills of the students (including me). The teacher gave us the instructions that we are going to sit in front of a monitor and a keyboard. Letters will fall from the top and we have to enter the letters one by one on the keyboard. If the letters fall on the ground, you lose points. Of course, the system will speed up and in the end you get your results.

The application was already started, and we had to press Enter and it will start. I didn’t know where the Enter button was. I asked the teacher, where can I find the Enter key? The answer was, it’s that big button on the right side.

I did press the Enter button and it started. The first letter started falling down. I immediately started finding the letter on the keyboard. By the time the letter almost fell on the ground, I could find the letter and press it on the keyboard. The first couple of letters went good but then I was too slow. I even pressed my whole hand on the keyboard, thinking that it will work. All of a sudden I saw the FINISH button and my score was being sent to the printer.

The teacher grabbed all the scores from the printer and placed them in a stack. The teacher started announcing the grades. The highest grade was a ten and the lowest was grade zero. Everyone was getting grade six or higher. Some of them even had grade nine or ten. My name came up and what did I get? I did get a zero. I told the teacher that I ticked a couple of them on the keyboard. The reply was that it was not enough to score grade one.

After the class finished, the teacher talked to me. Explaining that a zero can’t be given and that’s why a grade of one is being given to me. That’s the lowest grade that they can give. Next week another test will be given and if I can have a grade ten. I would have an average of grade five and a half. That’s enough to pass.

Answer the questions

The week did fly and I entered the classroom. The teacher explained that we again will be sitting in front of the monitor. This time with a keyboard and mouse in front of us. Questions are given and we have to click or type the answer. I still remember some of the questions. For example, empty the recycle bin. Create a new folder on the desktop. Change the time of the computer.

I clicked everywhere as I didn’t understand how it worked. After ten questions, the FINISH text was showing and the score was being printed. The teacher grabbed the printed score reports and stacked them up. Announcing the grades, my name came up. Guess what? I got grade zero, again. On my rapport, the subject Informatica was grade one.

Be the best

From that day, it triggered me. I told myself, I will be the best in technology. I asked my parents to buy a computer, what they did and I still thank them for doing that. I started educating myself by examining everything on the computer. Fast forward a couple of years and I was helping other friends and families. By the time I was 15, I was building Windows Servers. I worked day and night solving and building complex situations in the technology world. I didn’t had any teaching, it was self-study and testing. Trial and errors that lead me to be the best in what I become.

Change the world

Fast forward eighteen years later. My goal is to teach others around the world by educating them. Not by limiting technology, but sharing to everyone that is eager to learn. Making you better than you were yesterday. I hope that I can be the person that will help you or give you that extra push in life.

It’s time for me now to sign out. If you need more information or want to say something to me, please use the contact page. Thank you for reading.

Stay humble stay hungry,


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