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Add accepted domain in Exchange Server

How to add an accepted domain in Exchange Server, and why do you want to configure accepted domains in Exchange? If you don’t set up an accepted domain in Exchange, you can’t receive emails to that domain. In this article, you will learn how to add an accepted domain in Exchange Server.

Introduction to accepted domain

Accepted domains are the SMTP namespaces, also known as address spaces. You configure the domain in the Exchange organization to receive email messages.

In our example, we registered the domain Next, we configured the mail exchanger (MX) records in public DNS for The MX records are the records of spam filter because it will route the messages to it, filter them, and then deliver them to the Exchange Server.

Note: Always use a spam filter to protect your Exchange Server organization from incoming and outgoing spam. The one we recommend is the SpamBull cloud spam filter.

Now we need to configure as an accepted domain in the Exchange organization to accept messages addressed to recipients.

Add accepted domain in Exchange Admin Center

To add an accepted domain in Exchange Admin Center, follow the below steps:

1. Sign in to Exchange Admin Center as administrator or with an account with the privileges to create the accepted domain in Exchange.

2. Navigate to mail flow > accepted domains. Click the + icon.

Add accepted domain in Exchange 2016 create new

3. Fill in the Name field and Accepted domain field. Click Save.

Note: You can’t make the domain as default when creating a new domain. You have to make the domain as default after you create the new accepted domain.

In our example, it’s the domain

Add accepted domain in Exchange 2016 add fields

4. Click on the domain that you added. Click the edit icon.

Add accepted domain in Exchange 2016 showing default domain

5. Select Make this the default domain checkbox. Click the Save button.

Add accepted domain in Exchange 2016 make default domain

6. Confirm that the domain shows as default domain.

Add accepted domain with PowerShell

To configure an accepted domain with PowerShell, follow these steps:

1. Run Exchange Management Shell as administrator.

2. Run the New-AcceptedDomain cmdlet and Set-AcceptedDomain cmdlet.

In our example, it will create the new default domain exoip.ia.

[PS] C:\>New-AcceptedDomain -Name "" -DomainName "" -DomainType Authoritative | Set-AcceptedDomain -MakeDefault $true

If you like to add a new accepted domain without making it default, remove the Set-AcceptedDomain cmdlet.

[PS] C:\>New-AcceptedDomain -Name "" -DomainName "" -DomainType Authoritative

Name        DomainName    DomainType       Default
----        ----------    ----------       -------      Authoritative    False

Get accepted domains with PowerShell

Sometimes you want to get a list of the accepted domains. What is a better way than using PowerShell? Run the Get-AcceptedDomain cmdlet.

[PS] C:\>Get-AcceptedDomain

Name           DomainName     DomainType       Default
----           ----------     ----------       -------
exoip.local    exoip.local    Authoritative    False      Authoritative    True       Authoritative    False

That’s it!

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You learned how to add an accepted domain in Exchange Server. Do you like to make the domain as default? Add the domain first. After that, edit the domain and make the domain as default. Always protect the domain with an excellent spam filter solution to protect the business against spam, malware, and phishing.

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