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Azure AD Connect 2.0 retiring

Azure AD Connect 2.0 is retiring on 15 March 2023. So upgrade to Azure AD Connect V2.1 as soon as possible. If you are already on V2.0, it’s an easy in-place upgrade. Suppose you are still on Azure AD Connect V1.x, it takes a little more work, but we covered everything step by step.

Azure AD Connect

Are you new to Azure AD Connect? Learn more on how to install and configure Azure AD Connect. It’s good to make yourself familiar with Azure AD Connect before you do an upgrade.

Keep the servers up to date with the latest releases of Azure AD Connect. The Microsoft team keeps Azure AD Connect up to date, and this includes:

  • Security fixes
  • Bug fixes
  • Serviceability
  • Performance improvements
  • Scalability improvements

Azure AD Connect: Version release history »

Retiring Azure AD Connect 2.x versions

Microsoft has an important message about retiring Azure AD Connect 2.x versions.

We will begin retiring past versions of Azure AD Connect Sync 2.x 12 months from the date they are superseded by a newer version. This policy will go into effect on 15 March 2023, when we will retire all versions that are superseded by a newer version on 15 March 2022.

The following Azure AD Connect versions will retire on 15 March 2023:


If you are not already using the latest release version of Azure AD Connect Sync, you should upgrade your Azure AD Connect Sync software before that date.

Note: If you run a retired version of Azure AD Connect, it might unexpectedly stop working. You also might not have the latest security fixes, performance improvements, troubleshooting and diagnostic tools, and service enhancements. If you require support, we might not be able to provide you with the level of service your organization needs.

Find Azure AD Connect server

Read the article on how to find the Azure AD Connect server.

  1. Sign into Windows Server that holds the Azure AD Connect software
  2. Start the Synchronization Service Manager
  3. Click on Help > About

The below screen shows that Azure AD Connect V2.1 is running.

Azure AD Connect 2.0 retiring info

Upgrade Azure AD Connect V1.x to Azure AD Connect V2.1

Read the below articles and see which one fits your organization for upgrading Azure AD Connect V1.x to V2.1:

Upgrade Azure AD Connect V2.0 to Azure AD Connect V2.1

If you are already on Azure AD Connect V2.0, you can follow the below article to upgrade to the latest Azure AD Connect version:


Azure AD Connect 2.0 is retiring. Update Azure AD Connect to V2.1 with the step-by-step guides. Keep an up-to-date, stable, and secure environment. So plan it in, and don’t wait too long.

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