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Check Exchange database copy seed status

How to check Exchange database copy seed status after you add a mailbox database copy? You want to know the percentage and speed of the mailbox database copy seeding. With that information, you can update the team or have an estimated time the next time you need to add a database copy. In this article, we will be looking at the Exchange database copy seeding status.

Before you start

We already have four mailbox databases configured. Three of the databases have a database copy. The mailbox database DB04 does not have a mailbox database copy. We will add a mailbox database copy, and after that, we will check the Exchange database copy seed status.

We have the following configured in the Exchange Server:

  1. Exchange Server DAG
  2. Mailbox database copy

Get mailbox database copy status

In Exchange Admin Center, you will see the Server with copies column is only Exchange Server EX01-2016.

Check Exchange database copy seed status before

Run Exchange Management Shell as administrator. Use Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus cmdlet. Add the mailbox database identity. In this example, it’s mailbox database DB04.

You can see it’s only on Exchange Server EX01-2016.

After adding a database copy to database DB04, let’s check the database copy seeding status.

Database copy seed status single mailbox database

We only want to check the mailbox database copy of DB04.

The database seed status shows in details:

  • Percentage
  • Read
  • Written
  • ReadPerSec
  • WrittenPerSec

Database copy seed status of all mailbox databases

Do you want to check the database seeding status of multiple mailbox databases?

Filter only on the Status equal Seeding.

Verify mailbox database copy status health

Now that it’s finished, the DatabaseSeedStatus column is empty. The Status column shows the mailbox database copy on Exchange Server EX02-2016 as healthy.

In Exchange Admin Center, the servers with copies column are updated with both Exchange Servers.

Check Exchange database copy seed status after

Everything looks great. Did this help you to check the Exchange database seeding status details?

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In this article, you learned how to check Exchange database copy seed status. Start PowerShell and run the commands as shown, and you will get the percentage of the seed status in detail. The next time you add a database copy, you already have an estimate of how long the seeding will take.

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