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Complete individual mailbox move request from migration batch

You created a batch to migrate the mailboxes from Exchange on-premises to Exchange Online. Normally you complete the migration batch, and all the mailboxes will complete. This time you like to manually complete an individual mailbox move request from migration batch. In this article, you will learn how to complete an individual mailbox move request from a migration batch.

Before you start to complete individual mailbox move

At the moment of writing, it’s impossible to move a single mailbox move request from migration batch with Exchange Admin Center in Exchange Online. You can complete the individual move request with Exchange PowerShell.

Note that you need to connect to Exchange Online PowerShell and not to the on-premises Exchange Management Shell.

Before you start, make sure to Install and Connect to Exchange Online. I recommend installing Exchange Online PowerShell on the on-premises Exchange Server. This way, you can manage Exchange related tasks from one system. Don’t forget to disable EWS throttling in Exchange Online before starting the mailbox move request to Exchange Online.

Get move request status

Run Get-MigrationBatch cmdlet in the connected Exchange Online PowerShell window. At the moment, only one Migration Batch is showing.

Now that you have the migration batch name, you can get the move request of that batch. Add Get-MoveRequestStatics for more details.

Run Get-MoveRequest cmdlet to get all the move requests.

Use the Get-MoveRequestStatistics cmdlet to view detailed information about move requests.

Before you like to complete the individual mailbox move request, it’s good to know that you can get the move request of a single user only. Read the next part.

Get move request of a single user

Get the move request of a single user only. Run Get-Moverequest cmdlet with the -Identity parameter. The -Identity parameter specifies the identity of the mailbox or mail user.

In the next step, you will complete the move request of that single user from migration batch.

Complete individual move request from migration batch

Make use of the Set-MoveRequest cmdlet, including the -CompleteAfter parameter, with the value of 1. That will trigger the complete mailbox move immediately. After running the command, it will show the status InProgress. The mailbox will sync for the last time and complete it.

Verify the move request, and it will show as Completed.

Complete individual mailbox move in the migration batch completed successfully.

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In this article, you learned how to complete individual mailbox move request from migration batch. Connect to Exchange Online PowerShell to manage the Exchange Online settings from the command line. Get the mailbox move request status of the user and complete the mailbox migration.

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  1. I have a migration batch with two users
    If I do a get-migrationuser -batchid xxxx | get-migrationusersstatistics I see the two users with stats, but if I try what you suggested ( get-moverequest ) I don’t see them and I cannot complete them individually

    How should I do to complete them individually ?

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