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Disable EWS throttling in Office 365 – Exchange Online

A migration is planned to Office 365 because Exchange 2010 end of life support is coming. It can take some time to move the mailboxes to Exchange Online. To speed it up, we recommend to disable EWS throttling in Office 365 – Exchange Online. This way, the migration will go faster.

Disable EWS throttling in Office 365 before migrating the test users and the Pilot users. This way, you can time the migration with a selected group of users. After that, you have an estimate of how long the migration will take. In this article, you will learn how to disable EWS throttling in Office 365.

How to disable EWS throttling in Office 365?

In the past, we created a support request asking Microsoft to disable the throttling temporarily. This is changed, and you can do it yourself from now on. Isn’t it better that Microsoft automate the process for us?

1. Sign in to Microsoft 365 admin center with your admin credentials.

Disable EWS throttling in Office 365 login credentials

2. Click Support > New service request.

Disable EWS throttling in Office 365 new service request

3. In the search field, search for throttling. Select Increase EWS Throttling Policy from the list and press Enter.

Disable EWS throttling in Office 365 search for throttling

4. Click Run Tests.

Disable EWS throttling in Office 365 run tests

5. Diagnostic tests are running.

Disable EWS throttling in Office 365 run diagnostic tests

6. Select the duration in days. The options are 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days. Check the checkbox to acknowledge the change and click Update Settings.

Disable EWS throttling in Office 365 duration days

7. You will get a message showing Success. The update to Exchange Web Services (EWS) throttling policy has been initiated. The update will complete within 15 minutes.

Disable EWS throttling in Office 365 succes

Create new service request to disable Exchange EWS throttling

If you get the message that Microsoft has to temporarily change the Exchange EWS Throttling Policy, click on Contact support and create a new service request.

Verify that throttling is disabled in Office 365

After 15 minutes, run the test again to check if the changes are applied.

This time it’s showing a different message. You can see that Exchange Web Services (EWS) is currently not throttled.

Did this help you to disable EWS throttling policy in Exchange Online? I hope it did and that the mailbox migration speed to Office 365 went fast. Happy migrating!

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You learned how to disable Exchange Web Services (EWS) throttling in Office 365 – Exchange Online. First, disable the throttling policy within the Office 365 admin page. After that, wait 15 minutes and test again to ensure that throttling is disabled. If EWS is not getting disabled, contact Microsoft Office 365 team.

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This Post Has 9 Comments

  1. Do we need to disable EWS Throttling at both source and destination tenant?
    Can we limit EWS Throttling for a limited number of users?

  2. I’ve just done the steps as described above for a European tenant and it worked flawlessly.

    Thanks a lot for the article!

  3. Has this ability been removed? I can run the tests, and shows that EWS is throttled, but just says to enter new service request.

    Also, is there a report that will show *why* throttling is in effect, so we can attempt to remediate issue?

    1. Currently, the option to disable EWS throttling is not available from the Help & Support panel. That’s because Microsoft sometimes removes or adds the feature. Instead, you have to create a new Microsoft service request.

      Throttling is not an issue, and this is by default set in Exchange Online. When Microsoft disables EWS throttling on your tenant, this is temporary. After the set of days, EWS throttling will be enabled.

    1. EWS throttling will automatically adjust to the standard values after the selected period expires. You don’t have to do anything. Is there a reason why you want to reapply?

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