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Disable security defaults in Office 365

Microsoft automatically enables security defaults in new Microsoft 365 tenants to protect you from phishing and other identity-related attacks. What if you want to use basic authentication and you need to turn off security defaults in Office 365? Sometimes you have to do that because an application doesn’t work for modern authentication and only uses basic authentication. In this article, you will learn how to disable security defaults in Office 365.

Disable security defaults in Azure portal

To disable security defaults in the Microsoft tenant, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Microsoft Azure portal
  2. Click on the Menu icon
  3. Select Azure Active Directory
Disable security defaults Azure Active Directory
  1. Select Properties
  2. Click on Manage Security defaults
  3. Click on No to disable security defaults
  4. Select one of the checkboxes
  5. Click Save
Disable security defaults turn off

You did successfully turn off security defaults in the Microsoft tenant.

Note: Security defaults should be disabled when you configure Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication.

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You learned how to disable security defaults in Office 365. Sign in to the Azure portal and go to Azure Active Directory properties. Select manage security defaults and turn off security defaults.

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