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How to import certificate in Exchange 2016

It’s important to secure the Exchange Server with an SSL certificate. We have an SSL certificate that we like to import in Exchange 2016. How to install a certificate in Exchange 2016? There are two ways to do that. One way is installing the certificate in Exchange Admin Center. The other way is to install Exchange certificate with PowerShell. In this article, we are going to import certificate in Exchange 2016 using the Exchange Admin Center.

Do you have more than one Exchange Server running in the organization? You can use the same certificate for other Exchange Servers.

Import certificate in Exchange 2016

Create a shared folder and place the SSL certificate in the folder. Make sure to assign permissions to the folder. For example the SYSTEM account. If you don’t give permissions, you cannot import the certificate, and an error will show up.

Import certificate in Exchange 2016 shared folder

Sign in to Exchange Admin Center. Click servers in the feature pane and click certificates in the tabs. Click (More options) and select Import Exchange Certificate.

Import certificate in Exchange 2016 import option

A new window will show up. Insert the path to the Exchange certificate. Fill in the password field. If there is no password configured for the certificate, you can leave it empty. Click Next.

Import certificate in Exchange 2016 wizard

Click + (Add) to select the Exchange Server.

Import certificate in Exchange 2016 specify servers

Select the Exchange Server, in my example EX01-2016. This is the server where the new certificate is going to be installed. Click Add and OK.

Import certificate in Exchange 2016 select server

Click Finish.

Import certificate in Exchange 2016 finish wizard

The certificate is imported in Exchange Server 2016. The next step is to assign the certificate to the Exchange services.

Assign Exchange services to certificate

Click on the imported certificate and follow with the Edit icon.

Import certificate in Exchange 2016 imported

Click services in the left menu. Specify the Exchange services to assign this certificate to. In my example, the services SMTP, IMAP, and IIS are checked. Click Save.

Import certificate in Exchange 2016 specify Exchange services

A warning is showing if you want to overwrite the existing certificate. Click Yes.

Import certificate in Exchange 2016 warning certificate overwrite

Click the certificate in the list view. See the assigned services in the details pane. It’s assigned to the services that we selected.

In the next step, we are going to check the secured SSL certificate on the Exchange Server.

Test imported Exchange 2016 certificate

Go to Outlook Web Access (OWA) URL or Exchange Admin Center (EAC) URL. You can verify that the website is secure.

The certificate is successfully imported in Exchange Server 2016. Did it help you to install the certificate in Exchange 2016?

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In this article, you learned how to import certificate in Exchange 2016. Place the certificate in a shared folder before starting the import wizard in Exchange Admin Center. When the certificate is imported, you’re not done. That’s because the new certificate needs to be assigned to the Exchange services. After assigning the services, verify the certificate by browsing to the OWA URL in your favorite browser.

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