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Office 365 disable stay signed in prompt

How to disable Office 365 stay signed in prompt? We all have seen it when signing in to Office 365, a prompt shows if you want to stay signed in Office 365. For security reasons, it’s better to turn off Office 365 stay signed in prompt. For the ones that do not want to show that prompt because it’s irritating, that would work too. In this article, you will learn how to turn off Office 365 stay signed in prompt.

Office 365 stay signed in prompt security risk

Why is this a security risk? For example, the user signs in to Office 365 and clicks on Yes when the prompt is showing. When finished working, the user did not click the sign out button. Most of the users close the browser, and they quit.

When closing the browser and opening the Office 365 portal, you are still signed in without entering the credentials. What if it’s a public computer? That means another random person got access to your confidential emails, documents, and more.

Important: Warn the users in the organization for not using a shared computer if accessing the Office portal. If they don’t have many options and have to sign in, use the Sign Out button when done working. Closing a browser is not the same as signing out.

Office 365 stay signed in prompt

Users are signing in to the Office 365 portal. After entering the credentials, the users get a prompt: Stay signed in? Do this to reduce the number of times you are asked to sign in. Don’t show this again.

Office 365 disable stay signed in prompt show prompt

Disable office 365 stay signed in prompt

Sign in to the Azure portal using a Global administrator account for the directory. Click the menu in the top left corner.

Click menu in Microsoft Azure portal

Click in the menu on Azure Active Directory.

Click Azure Active Directory in the menu

Click Company branding and click the configuration. In my example, it’s Default. If you don’t see a configuration, you need to create one.

Office 365 disable stay signed in prompt Company branding

Scroll to the bottom to find the setting Show option to remain signed in. Click No and click Save.

Office 365 disable stay signed in prompt show option to remain signed in NO

The users will not get the prompt to stay signed in Office 365 after entering their credentials.

Test it out by closing the browser and starting the browser. You have to sign in every time from now on. Remember to clear the cache of the browser if there are sign in issues. Another way is to test in a private window.

Did it help you to disable the Office 365 stay signed in prompt?

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We talked about Office 365 disable stay signed in prompt. Security-wise it’s good to turn off Office 365 stay signed in prompt setting. Check the Microsoft Docs page if you like to learn more about branding the organization’s Azure Active Directory sign-in page.

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  1. How can I be 100% sure that all of the users who used the stay sign in functionality, have been logged out after the option has been disabled?

  2. Hi it does not help completely, the first one or 2 times it does not show up but after it shows up again. We have an extremely angry HR manager that says that the users should not be allowed to remain logged in. So if it still comes up after trying 2 or 3 times then the issue is not fixed.

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