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Remove certificate in Exchange Server

In a previous article, we explained how to remove Exchange certificate with PowerShell. There is another way to remove the certificate in Exchange server, which is with Exchange Admin Center (EAC). Before we start, did you assign a new certificate to the Exchange services? We recommend waiting a week before removing the certificate. If the certificate is assigned to Exchange services, the certificate can’t be removed.

Remove certificate in Exchange Server

Sign in to Exchange Admin Center. Click servers in the feature pane and follow with certificates in the tabs. Select the certificate that you like to remove in the list view. Make sure that another certificate is installed and assigned to the Exchange services. Click the delete icon.

Remove Exchange certificate in Exchange Admin Center select certificate

A warning shows up if you are sure to remove the certificate. Click OK.

Remove Exchange certificate in Exchange Admin Center remove certificate warning

Didn’t you get an error message that it’s not possible to remove the certificate? Then you can assume that you did remove the certificate in Exchange Server successfully. It’s always good to double-check. In the next step, we will verify that the certificate is removed from the Exchange Server.

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Verify removed Exchange certificate

Check the installed certificates in Exchange Server. Confirm that the certificate is not showing.

Remove Exchange certificate in Exchange Admin Center certificate removed

Do you have more than one Exchange Server running in the organization? Repeat the steps described in this article on the remaining Exchange Servers.

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In this article, you learned how to remove a certificate in Exchange Server. Remember that you don’t remove the certificate immediately. Make sure that you assign another certificate to the Exchange services. Wait it out and remove the certificate, for example, after a week.

I hope that this article helped you to remove the Exchange certificate in Exchange Server. What do you prefer, removing the certificate in Exchange Admin Center or with PowerShell?

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  1. So the initial 3rd party certificate we installed didn’t have the SAN for autodiscover. We acquired the correct UCC certificate with the same subject name as the original 3rd party one and the correct SAN’s, installed it, and assigned it to the Exchange services successfully. OWA works correctly as does autodiscover now.

    For the old certificate, should it still show as assigned to Exchange services in the EAC? When I look at it, IIS is unchecked, but SMTP, IMAP, & POP still have a greyed out check box that can’t be unchecked. Is it safe to delete it in this state?

    1. It would be nice if it were unchecked (not greyed out). But, that’s something we have to deal with. Hopefully, the Exchange team will correct this in the future.

      You can safely remove the old certificate.

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