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Remove move request fails in Exchange Server

Migration to another mailbox database finished a couple of weeks ago. We like to remove the move request. When running the cmdlet to remove the move request, it fails. We are unable to clear move requests in Exchange Server. In this article, you will learn why this is happening, and the solution for remove move request fails in Exchange Server.

Remove move request statistics

We did move mailboxes to another mailbox database. Now we like to remove the move request to keep it clean. Run Exchange Management Shell as administrator. Run the cmdlet to remove the move request.

In the next step, we will verify that we did remove the move request.

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Get move request statistics

Run the Get-MoveRequestStatics cmdlet. In our example, we like to get the move statistics of mailbox database DB02. The output should be empty because we did remove the move request in the previous step.

After running the above cmdlet, the output is not empty. It’s showing us the following warnings:

  • WARNING: The move request for user is invalid: The Active Directory user isn’t being moved.
  • WARNING: The move request for user is invalid: Couldn’t find user in Active Directory.
Why are we getting this warning, and what is the solution for unable to clear move request in Exchange Server?

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Solution for cannot clear move request

The solution is to cancel move requests by using the -MailboxGuid parameter. But why did this occur in the first place? It happens if the users are recreated, deleted, or moved to another OU in AD before the move request is cleared.

That’s why it’s essential to clear the request after you move mailboxes to another database. If you wait and there are changes made to the users, the clear move request will fail with warnings.

In the next three steps, we will remove the move request that is failing:

  1. Get move request
  2. Show move request
  3. Remove move request

Get move request that fails to delete

First, run the cmdlet to get the failing move requests.

Show move request in table

List the move requests in a table for a better view.

Remove move request

Use the Remove-MoveRequest cmdlet and cancel the mailbox move by using the -MailboxGuid parameter. First, run the cmdlet with -WhatIf parameter. Nothing will happen in the environment, and it will tell us in the output what will happen.

The MailboxGuid and MoveRequestQueue parameters are for debugging purposes only.
Remove -WhatIf and run the cmdlet to remove the move requests permanently.

Verify move request is cleared

Run the cmdlet, and it will show no output.

That’s it. We did successfully remove the move request in Exchange Server.

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In this article, you learned why the remove move request fails in Exchange Server. The solution is to list the move request mailboxes and cancel move request with the MailboxGuid parameter. The next time you move mailboxes, clear the move requests after completion and don’t wait too long.

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