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Test internal mail flow in Exchange Server

After setting up Exchange Server, it’s time to test the internal mail flow in Exchange Server. You can do that through the Outlook client or Outlook Web Access (OWA). Both will work. In my example, we are going to use Outlook client.


Make sure that you have already set up a couple of test mailboxes. If you don’t, you can’t email to an internal mailbox.

Send message to internal recipient

Start Outlook client and configure Outlook. In my example, the user is James. Fill in the To… field to which you are going to send the message. In my example, it’s Amanda. Amanda is an internal colleague of James.

Test internal mail flow in Exchange Server 2016 new email

Set a delivery receipt so that the system will notify him whether that message could be received by the user Amanda. Click Options in the tabs and enable Request a Delivery Receipt. Click Send when done.

Test internal mail flow in Exchange Server 2016 request delivery receipt

Verify delivery receipt

Keep an eye on the mailbox. The delivery receipt did come back, telling that the mailbox receives the email. The Exchange Server was able to generate and send a delivery to James his mailbox. Mail is flowing in both directions just fine.

Test internal mail flow in Exchange Server 2016 message delivered

If you want to double-check, sign in with Amanda’s mailbox and check the email from James.

Test internal mail flow in Exchange Server 2016 check email

Now, if you like to test more mailboxes in different databases, you can do that. Create test mailboxes and send some test emails to ensure that the mail flow is working as expected in the Exchange organization.

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In this article, you learned how to test internal mail flow in Exchange Server. An excellent way to test internal mail flow is within the Outlook client. You can test internal mail flow for Exchange server 2010/2013/2016/2019. Want to test mail flow with PowerShell? Make use of the Test-Mailflow cmdlet.

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