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Get total user count in Exchange

It is always great to get a total user count in Exchange. Get the total mailbox count if you are planning a migration or if there is a new Exchange project going on. It’s also possible that the customer or an external team wants to know how many user mailboxes are active. If you need to know the total count in Exchange, you can get the information through the Exchange Management Shell very quickly with one command. Let’s see it in action.

Get total user count in Exchange with PowerShell

Let’s get the total count with PowerShell. We will use the Get-Mailbox cmdlet. Run Exchange Management Shell as administrator and run the following command.

[PS] C:\>(Get-Mailbox -RecipientTypeDetails UserMailbox -ResultSize Unlimited).count

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Get total user count in Exchange Admin Center

You can find the total mailboxes count in Exchange Admin Center. Navigate to recipients > mailboxes. You will find the total mailbox count at the bottom.

Get total user count in Exchange Admin Center

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You learned how to get the total user count with one PowerShell command. That’s why I always recommend the Exchange Management Shell. You also learned how to find the total count with the Exchange Admin Center (EAC).

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