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Exchange schema versions (up to date list)

The following tables are a comprehensive collection of the Microsoft Exchange Server schema versions. The tables show the Exchange objects in Active Directory that get updated each time you install a new version of Exchange. Compare the object versions you see with the values in the tables below to verify that the version of Exchange you installed successfully updated Active Directory during installation.

Note: We recommend to Check the Exchange schema version by running the Get-ADversions.ps1 PowerShell script.

The Exchange schema versions tables are kept up to date with the latest Exchange Server releases.

Exchange Server 2019 schema versions

The table in this section provides the schema versions for each version of Microsoft Exchange Server 2019.

Exchange 2019 versionrangeUpperobjectVersion
Exchange 2019 CU12170031324316760
Exchange 2019 CU11170031324216759
Exchange 2019 CU10170031324116758
Exchange 2019 CU9170021324016757
Exchange 2019 CU8170021323916756
Exchange 2019 CU7170011323816755
Exchange 2019 CU6170011323716754
Exchange 2019 CU5170011323716754
Exchange 2019 CU4170011323716754
Exchange 2019 CU3170011323716754
Exchange 2019 CU2170011323716754
Exchange 2019 CU1170001323616752
Exchange 2019 RTM170001323616751
Exchange 2019 Preview153321323616213

Exchange Server 2016 schema versions

The table in this section provides the schema versions for each version of Microsoft Exchange Server 2016.

Exchange 2016 versionrangeUpperobjectVersion
Exchange 2016 CU23153341324316223
Exchange 2016 CU22153341324216222
Exchange 2016 CU21153341324116221
Exchange 2016 CU20153331324016220
Exchange 2016 CU19153331323916219
Exchange 2016 CU18153321323816218
Exchange 2016 CU17153321323716217
Exchange 2016 CU16153321323716217
Exchange 2016 CU15153321323716217
Exchange 2016 CU14153321323716217
Exchange 2016 CU13153321323716217
Exchange 2016 CU12153321323616215
Exchange 2016 CU11153321323616214
Exchange 2016 CU10153321323616213
Exchange 2016 CU9153321323616213
Exchange 2016 CU8153321323616213
Exchange 2016 CU7153321323616213
Exchange 2016 CU6153301323616213
Exchange 2016 CU5153261323616213
Exchange 2016 CU4153261323616213
Exchange 2016 CU3153261323616212
Exchange 2016 CU2153251323616212
Exchange 2016 CU1153231323616211
Exchange 2016 RTM153171323616210
Exchange 2016 Preview153171323616041

Exchange Server 2013 schema versions

The table in this section provides the schema versions for each version of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013.

Exchange 2013 versionrangeUpperobjectVersion
Exchange 2013 CU23 with KB5004778153121323716133
Exchange 2013 CU23153121323716133
Exchange 2013 CU22153121323616131
Exchange 2013 CU10-CU21153121323616130
Exchange 2013 CU9153121323615965
Exchange 2013 CU8153121323615965
Exchange 2013 CU7153121323615965
Exchange 2013 CU6153031323615965
Exchange 2013 CU5153001323615870
Exchange 2013 SP1152921323615844
Exchange 2013 CU3152831323615763
Exchange 2013 CU2152811323615688
Exchange 2013 CU1152541323615614
Exchange 2013 RTM151371323615449


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This Post Has 9 Comments

  1. strangely our schema on 2013 differs from your listing.

    RangeUpper: 15312
    ObjVer: 13238 <<<<<<<<<<<<<
    ObjVer Cfg: 16133

  2. Ali, thanks for all of your great articles. We have an existing Exchange 2016 CU21 environment but have extended the schema for Exchange 2019 (RangeUpper =17003). Can we still install CU23 for Exchange 2016?

    1. Yes, you can install Exchange Server 2016 CU23 because you already have Exchange Server 2016 in the organization.

      Here is an example:

      You have Exchange Server 2016 and want to install Exchange Server 2019 in the organization. You still need to install CUs for both Exchange Server versions and keep them updated until you finish your migration.

  3. Hi Ali
    First I do appreciate your contribution , is very helpful Thank you .
    I have exchange 2013 CU23 , with load balancing .
    I want to upgrade to Exchange 2019
    AD is 2012 R2
    Can I install another two Exchanges 2019 and add to LoadBalancing ?Will this work ?
    Or Move the database from old exchange to the new exchange ? I need your hint too ?
    Can you give me a hint which is the best way to do it ?
    I thank you for your help .

  4. Installer encountered a problem while validating the state of Active Directory:
    Active Directory schema version (15333) is higher than installer version (153
    12). Therefore, PrepareSchema cannot be executed.
    hi bro i install domain in windows server 2016 but exchange 2013 in windows server 2012(in gns 3)
    can you help me bro

  5. Dear Alitajran,

    Thanks for your website article very help!!

    In our Infrasture environment is we have 2 Mailbox server – ( Exchange Server 2019 CU8) and 1 Edge Transport Server ( Exchange Server 2019 CU8) and Active Directory 2012 AD/ 2016 AD and we planning to upgrade in our Exchange Server 2019 CU8 to CU10 directly without going to CU9 and Could please advise we can go for upgrade from Exchange server 2019 CU8 to CU10 or we need to step by setp first CU9 then CU10 and Please do the needful confirm we can go for upgrade Exchange server 2019 CU8 to CU10 Directly with going to CU9 Version.please suggest..your comments!
    Laxmanan Duraisamy

  6. Hi Ali,

    I installed Exchange 2019 but now I need to Install Exchange 2016. I have successfully decom the Exchange 2019 server but when tried to install Exchange 2016 got the below error.

    Setup encountered a problem while validating the state of Active Directory: The Active Directory schema version (17003)
    is higher than Setup’s version (15334). Therefore, PrepareSchema can’t be executed.

    Can you assist me in how can I downgrade the Schema Version? Thank you!

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