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Exchange setup can’t continue PowerShell has open files

We are updating Exchange by running the setup, and an error is showing. The error is showing that Exchange setup can’t continue PowerShell has open files. We are upgrading Exchange 2016 CU13 to Exchange 2016 CU16. Let’s have a look at why the error is showing and the solution to it.

Updates for Exchange Servers are important, and it’s recommended to update. Bugs get fixed, and new features get introduced. Who doesn’t like to see such great improvements for the system? Only this time, the Exchange setup failed, and an error occurs.

Run command prompt as administrator. Run the command to start the Exchange Cumulative Update.

The Exchange upgrade stopped, and the output is giving us the following error:

Setup can’t continue with the upgrade because the powershell (14240) has open files. Close the process, and then restart Setup.
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Why are we getting this error, and what is the solution for Exchange setup can’t continue PowerShell has open files?

Solution for Exchange setup can’t continue PowerShell has open files

Close any PowerShell or Exchange Management Shell sessions. A lot of administrators forget and run the update from Exchange Management Shell. Check if there are other users logged in on the system and log them off.

Remember to run Exchange setup from the command prompt (CMD).

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In this article, you learned why Exchange setup can’t continue because PowerShell has open files. The solution to this problem is to close all PowerShell and Exchange Management Shell sessions. After that, you can run the Exchange setup again.

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