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Get move request batch in Exchange Online

Did you start a migration from Exchange on-premises to Exchange Online in batches? If you did, the next step is to get the move request batch status in Exchange Online and check how it’s going so far. From that point, you can make an estimate of how long it will take for future migration batches.

Get Migration batch

Run and connect to Exchange Online PowerShell V2. Run the cmdlet Get-MigrationBatch to get the migration batches. There are three migration batches created. One of the migration batches is completed. Two batches are in sync between the Exchange organizations (On-premises and Online).

In the next step, we are going to get the status of the migration batch.

Get move request batch

Get move request of Migration Batch 01. Make use of the Get-MoveRequestStatistics cmdlet to view detailed information about move requests.

Do the same, but this time let’s get move status of Migration Batch 02.

The status of each move request is showing in details. What if you want to get both of the move request batches in one table overview?

Combine get move request batch

How to get the move request batches in Exchange Online to combine in one output? Run the following cmdlet in PowerShell.

I hope that this helped you to get the move request batches in Exchange Online.

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In this article, you learned how to get the move request batch in Exchange Online. First, connect to Exchange Online PowerShell to manage your Exchange Online organization. Run the Get-MoveRequest cmdlet as seen in the article to get the mailbox move status in Exchange Online. If you have more than one migration batches going on, you can combine them together for an easier view.

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